About Health Aide Training Center

Health Aide Training Center is your online resource for home health aide training, jobs, classes, and courses. Whether you’re starting your career or want to advance your career…we want to make your life easier.

There is and will be a high demand for home health aides in the U.S. In 2012, home health aides held about 875,000 jobs according to the Department of Labor. By 2022, projections show a 48% increase in jobs for home healthcare aides!

Home health aides do and will play an important part in the U.S. economy.

At Health Aide Training Center, we’re here to make lives of home health aides easier.

We realize that many of you are looking to become a home health aide need questions answered.

Questions such as:

  • What requirements does it take to become a home health aide?
  • What training will I have to do to become a home health aide?
  • What’s the best way to get a job
  • And more…

Additionally, many of you who are already home health aides may want to training to advance your career but want to know the best step to take.

This is why we created Health Aide Training Center – to guide you in this industry.

What’s Unique About Home Health Aide Training Center?

There are a lot of resources online about how to become a home health aide. Yet, many of the websites we have come across are not user-friendly. Or even worse, have the wrong information.

Our goal is to make things easy as possible. By developing a user-friendly database of everything you need to know about growing in your career as a home health aide.