Home Health Aide Duties Checklist

Home health aides both work in managed care facilities such as a retirement community or an individual’s home. From day to day, the duties which they perform can range depending on their job setting. 

In general, home health aides are there to assist the elderly and disabled persons with basic general daily tasks.

They work with a care provider such as a nurse or social worker to decide on what they will be providing.

But when it comes to their daily duties, the most important thing is assisting the client with what they need. Some days it may be laundry. Others it may be doing basic cleaning. Another day they could find themselves reminding their client to take their medication. While the next, just being there to provide companionship.

It’s also important to note that what state you work in plays a role in what your job duties are as a home health aide. In some states, you may help a client take their medication and in some states that is above the role of a home health aide.

Another factor is whether you’re a certified or non-certified home health aide. Certified home health aides may be able to assist their client with more complex tasks such as changing surgical dressing, while non-certified home health aides may not. But again, it depends on the state. 

The purpose of this post was to provide a complete home health aide duties checklist, that identifies the tasks home health aides may find themselves performing on a day-to-day basis.

Home Health Aide Duties Checklist

  1. Measuring a client’s basic vitals such as a pulse or temperature
  2. Changing surgical dressings
  3. Giving or reminding a client to take their medications
  4. Reminding patients to exercise and even going for a walk if necessary
  5. Assisting patients to bathe or give them a bed bath
  6. Helping the mobility of a patient in the household, such as going up and down stairs, getting out of bed, etc…
  7. Transporting patients to doctors
  8. Reading, playing cards, or other board games
  9. Doing laundry and/or changing lines
  10. Purchasing food for patients, including trips to the grocery store
  11. Preparing meals according to the patient’s dietary restrictions
  12. Cleaning a patient’s home or living quarters
  13. Assist patients to adapt to limitations caused by old age or disability
  14. Discuss the care that is provided with a supervisor such as a nurse or social workers
  15. Provide companionship
  16. Teach patients and family members basic medical techniques or how to use certain medical equipment

On any given day a patient may need one or many of these duties performed. Being a home health aide means being up to the task and being flexible based on what the patient needs.

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