Home Health Aide – Salary Per Hour

Here are the recent statistics from the 2014 Bureau of Labor’s study of home health aides throughout the U.S.

The average home health aide salary hour came in at $10.77. With a total yearly salary of $22,400.

Furthermore, the average salary per hour of someone who worked in the following setting were:

  • Home Health Aides Working For Agencies – $10.79
  • Home Health Aides Working Directly For Individuals and Families- $10.31
  • Home Health Aides Working For Retirement Homes – $10.75
  • Home Health Aides Working At Skilled Nursing Facilities – $10.87

How Can Home Health Aides Earn More Per Hour?

Studies have shown that certified home health aides earn more per hour than non-certified home health aides.

HHA certification is required by Medicare and Medicaid approved facilities. The most common way home health aides get certified is through their employer.

The certification process is different from state to state. Check out Health Aide Training Center’s article on requirements to be a home health aide for more information.

Other career advancement opportunities include higher credentials. Home health aides are limited in what their responsibilities for their client. A career path many home health aides choose to take is moving up to a Certified Nurse’s Assistant or CNA. On average, CNA’s earned $12.62 per hour.


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