Home Health Aide Training In Illinois

Looking for home health aide training in Illinois?

Here’s what you need to know before getting started.

Federal HHA Training Requirements

There are both Federal and Illinois specific laws pertaining to the training and certification of home health aides.

The first thing to know is there is no training requirements to become a home health aide. Technically, you can get hired tomorrow as a home health aide without passing a test.

However, there are certified and non-certified home health aides.

Certified home health aides may work for an agency that accepts medicare and medicaid payments.

Federal law states that certified home health aides must have 75 hours of total training, including 16 hours of clinical on the job training. Plus, certified home health aides must pass a competency exam.

Illinois Specific Training Requirements

Illinois is one of the states that have standards higher than the national law.

In Illinois you must have 120 hours of total training, including 40 hours of clinical training. In addition, you must pay the competency exam.

There are many ways to get this training.

The most common include taking the training at a local community college, which may include an online portion, or a training program at a home health aide agency.

If you’re looking for home health aide training for free, many home health aide agencies provide the training at no cost to future employees.

The state of Illinois doesn’t offer an approved training program. Therefore, you want to find a program that NAHC (National Association of Home Care and Hospice) approved.

Once the training is completed, home health aide certificants must get approved by Illinois Health Care Worker Registry to become a certified home health aide in the state of Illinois.

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