Home Health Aide Training In Arizona

What’s the best choice for home health aide training in Arizona?

To really know what your best choice is, it’s important you first understand how the process works.

Federal Training Requirements To Be A HHA

When looking to become a certified home health aide, there are first Federal minimum guidelines one must meet.

Federal law states that in order to become a certified home health aide, one must complete 75 hours of training, including 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, certified home health aides must pass a competency exam.

Why would a home health aide pursue certification?

Because in order to work at a medicare approved facility, home health aides must be certified.

Requirements To Be A Home Health Aide In Arizona

In the State of Arizona, it is not necessary for one to become certified in order to become a home health aide. It is only necessary if you plan on working a certified medicare facility. In that case, you must meet the federal training requirements above.

If you’re a home health aide with no experience, that doesn’t have to mean have to limit your search to only non medicare certified agencies. When it comes to home health aide training, most of training is done on the job by employers themselves. Therefore, as long as you meet the agencies qualifications, you can get hired and get the proper training you need.


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