Home Health Aide Training In Arkansas

When it comes to home health aide training in Arkansas, there’s a few items which are important to understand.

First, in the State of Arkansas there are Class A and Class B home health aide agencies.

A Class A agency must follow the rules and regulations set forth for Medicare Certified training facilities on a national level. A Class B agency, which isn’t certified to accept Medicare, must follow the regulations for the State of Arkansas.

Federal Home Health Aide Requirements

Any agency that accepts Medicare and Medicaid must fulfill the minimum specific training requirement set forth on a Federal level. The training requirements to work at such a facility are home health aides must obtain 75 hours of total training, including 16 hours of clinical training.

Arkansas Home Health Aide Training Requirements

Arkansas state law requires home health aide certification for anyone working as a Home Health Aide at any health facility.

The requirements for a Class A agency are listed above. If you plan on working for a Class B home health aide agency, each home health aide shall meet at least one of the following requirements:

(a) Have at least one year of experience in an institutional setting (home health agency, hospital, hospice, or long-term care facility). This experience shall be verified by a previous employer;

(b) Have a certificate issued by the State of Arkansas for working in long term care facilities. A copy of this certificate shall be available for review;

(c) Have completed a 40 hour aide training course that meets the requirements set forth in these regulations. 11-9 Rules and Regulations for Home Health Agencies in Arkansas

NOTE: In lieu of the requirement for completion of the home health aide training course, a nursing student may qualify as a home health aide by submitting documentation from Health Facility Services of programs and/or the Dean of a School of Nursing that states that the nursing student has demonstrated competency in providing basic nursing care in accordance with the school’s curriculum.

Where Can You Get Training

The majority of HHA training in Arkansas takes place on the job. Most Class A and Class B agencies offer the required training program to new hires. The benefit here is that agency led training programs may come at no cost to you, and often, you’re paid as you take the training.

You can also take an approved program from a local community college or vocational school. The benefit here is it’s easier to take additional courses later in your career for higher certification as you may meet the prerequisites.

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