Home Health Aide Training In Florida

The State of Florida doesn’t certify home health aides. But that doesn’t mean there are no training requirements you must follow.

Medicare and medicaid approved home health and hospice agencies, must use certified home health aides in their agency. Certified home health aides, according to federal standards, must have 75 hours of total training, including 16 hours of clinical training. Plus, they must pass a test.

Certified home health aides not only have a greater chance of being hired, they make more per hour than home health aides with no certifications.

If you’re not working for a medicare approved agency, there are no formal requirements you then need to have to become a home health in Florida.

Where Can You Get Training

When researching options where to get training in Florida to become a certified home health aide, make sure it’s approved by the NAHC (The National Association of Home Care and Hospice).

Again, unlike other states, the State of Florida, doesn’t offer state approved programs.

Therefore, in order to get the benefits of certification, you must find a program that’s approved by the NAHC.

Where should you look?

First, start with local home health and hospice agencies. Local agencies often provide free training to their future employees. The State of Florida has an excellent home health agency finder on their website.

Second, you can get HHA training with many local community colleges and vocational schools. Again, the important thing to look for is a program that’s NAHC approved.

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