Home Health Aide Training In Georgia

When it comes to home health aide training in Georgia, the rules and regulations can get quite confusing.

It may come as a surprise that there are no formal educational requirements you must have to become a home health aide in Georgia. Technically, you can get hired tomorrow by a home health aide agency as a home health aide.

However, there are two types of home health aide agencies. There are home health aide agencies that are Medicare approved and those that are not.

If you choose to work for a home health aide agency that is Medicare approved, you must meet the minimum federal training requirements. Keeping in mind, those who are certified on average get paid more per hour and have a higher chance of moving up in the field.

What Are The Federal Training Requirements To Be A HHA?

The Federal minimum training requirements to become an HHA are that one needs 75 hours of total training, which must include 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, all certificants must pass a competency exam.

In the state of Georgia, you must then pass a criminal background check in order to work as a home health aide agency. This is a Georgia specific law that states all healthcare workers who enter a client’s home must pass.

Where Do You Get HHA Training

The most common method to become a certified HHA in Georgia is through home health care agencies. Agencies with approved training programs by the NAHC (National Association of Home Care and Hospice), offer training to future employees. Often, this training is at no cost.

The important thing to remember is that the training program must be approved federally to count towards your 75 hours of HHA training. Many employers offer training but it is not approved training.

Other options to receive training include local community colleges and vocational schools. Just as with the above, the training must be approved by NAHC or other accredited organizations, if your goal is to become a certified home health aide.

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