Home Health Aide Training In Hawaii

When the Hawaii State Department of Labor researched what the fastest growing jobs were in the state, ranked #4 was home health aides. With the aging and growing population, home health aides are and will be in high demand.

So, where can one find home health aide training in Hawaii? Let’s find out…

The first thing to know about home health aide training is that there are both Federal and State regulations pertaining to home health aides.

With home health care, Medicare payments can be involved if the home health agency or facility is Medicare approved. The Federal minimum training standards for home health aides working at Medicare approved agencies are that home health aides receive 75 hours of training, including 16 hours of on the job training.

These are the Federal minimum standards to work at a certified Medicare facility. Some states have chosen not to regulate home health aides at all. Other states, such as Hawaii, have raised the minimum training standards to become a home health aide and require all home health aides to be certified.

Hawaii Home Health Aide Training Requirements

In Hawaii all home health aides are required to be certified to work. Certification in Hawaii requires a minimum of 100 hours of total training, including 70 hours of on the job training. This is the equivalent training to become a Certified Nurse’s Aide.

These training requirements are in place whether you work at an approved Medicare facility/agency or a non-approved facility/agency.

Where To Get Home Health Aide Training In Hawaii?

There are two choices one has to become a certified home health aide in Hawaii.

You can choose to get certified through an agency. Many agencies offer certification to their new hires. The State of Hawaii has a list of  home health agencies that offer training on their website.  

Or, you can attend a local community college to be certified. The goal here is to find a program that’s certified by the State of Hawaii.

While there are no Federal laws pertaining to the educational requirements of home health aides, your local community college or home health aide agency may require a high school diploma or its equal to apply.


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