Home Health Aide Training In Idaho

What’s interesting about home health aide training in Idaho is that it requires 120 training hours. Compared to other states across the U.S., this is one of the highest.

Why is that?

The role of a home health aide in Idaho is expanded compared to other states. While home health aides are limited in their roles in some states, in Idaho, a home health aide is the equivalent of a Certified Nurse’s Aide.

The definition of a home health aide according to the state of Idaho is:

“ A person who has successfully completed a basic prescribed course or its equivalent and has been placed on the Home Health Aide Registry by the state of Idaho, Board of Nursing.”

The exact definition of a home health aide varies from state to state. In some states in the U.S., home health aides are not regulated if working at a facility that’s not Medicare approved. However, in Idaho home health aides are viewed more as a professional occupation and are regulated as such.

HHA Training Requirements In Idaho

All home health aides in Idaho must complete the supplemental skills checklist approved by the Idaho Board of Nursing. Furthermore, home health aides must be on the State Board’s Nursing Home Health Aide Registry.

The checklist includes showing proficiency in tasks such as taking a client’s temperature, reading a client’s pulse, knowing how to provide a sponge bath, conducting a skin assessment, knowing how to use a walker, understand certain dietary restrictions, and more.

This list is duties is above and beyond what many states allow home health aides to perform.

You can get approved training from either a local community college that offers and approved program. Or, many of the home health agencies provide this training to new hires. The advantage from receiving the training from your employer is that it’s often no cost.


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