Home Health Aide Training In Kansas

To understand how home health aide training in Kansas works, one must first know the definition of a home health aide.

Surprisingly, the defined duties of a home health aide vary on a state by state basis. In Kansas, a home health aide is defined according to the KDADS (Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services) as:

“Home health aide” means an individual who has a home health aide certificate issued by the licensing agency as specified

Many states in the U.S. don’t define the duties of a home health aide, nor do they issue home health aide certificates. Kansas is one of a few states that define the role of a home health and require training hours over and above the Federal minimum.

Kansas Home Health Aide Training Requirements

In order to become a certified home health aide in Kansas, one must be a certified nurse aide in good standing and complete a 20 hour approved home health aide course. Once the exam is complete, one must pass a competency exam.

Where To Find Home Health Aide Training In Kansas

If you’re looking to begin your career as a home health aide, there are two different routes you can take to certification.

Your first option is to get certified through a home health agency. Many home health agencies throughout Kansas provide the necessary training needed to become a certified home health aide.

Home health aides are in high demand, which means many home health agencies offer this course for little or no cost.

Your other option is to take an approved course from a community college. At most community colleges, the prerequisites to enroll in a class will be that you’ve already completed the Certified Nurse’s Aide training program. 


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