Home Health Aide Training In Maryland

Home health aide training in Maryland can be confusing to those looking to pursue a career as a HHA. There are both Federal and state laws, that home health aides need to know.

Federal law says that home health aides working at an agency that offers Medicaid and Medicare services, must complete a minimum of 75 hours of training, including 16 hours of on the job training.

Each individual state then decided if they want home health aides receiving additional training and is responsible for licensure of home health aides.

In Maryland, in order to become a home health aide, one must become first a Certified Nursing Assistant, otherwise known as a CNA. The training hours required to become a CNA are that one complete 100 hours of total training, with a minimum of 40 hours of clinical training.

Once you complete the Maryland CNA training requirements, you’re then eligible to sit for the CNA exam and home health aide exam.

Finding Home Health Aide Training In Maryland

The first place to look for home health aide training in Maryland is at your local community college or vocational school. There are many programs throughout the state that offer the CNA training program, which you can then take the additional HHA training. 

Keep in mind, all schools will have different requirements. For example some schools require a high school diploma, while some do not. Therefore, it’s important to know the criteria before enrolling.


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