Home Health Aide Training In Mississippi

Looking for home health aide training in Mississippi? The process isn’t as easy as it seems. 

The first thing you need to know about the requirements to becoming a home health aide in Mississippi, is that there are both Federal and state laws pertaining to home health aides.

The Federal Government gets involved as many home health agencies accept Medicare/Medicaid as payment. Therefore, to work as a home health aide at an agency or facility that accepts either Medicare/Medicaid, you must be properly trained.

Federal law says that home health aides working in an approved Medicare/Medicaid agency must have at least 75 hours of training and 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, certified home health aides must pass a competency exam.

It’s then up to each state to determine how they want to license agencies that don’t accept Medicare/Medicaid AND if they will require additional training for their home health aides.

Home Health Aide Training Requirements in Mississippi

In order to work as a home health aide in Mississippi, you must be licensed, no matter the agency you work for. The requirements to be a home health aide in Mississippi, are the same as Federal law (75 hours/16 hours).

Home health aides in Mississippi are considered registered nurses and therefore must then apply to the Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry. In order to apply, you must pass a physical exam and have a negative TB test.

Home Health Aide Training In Mississippi

There are two options home health aides have for being properly trained. First, is through home health agencies themselves. Many home health agencies in the state offer an approved training program for home health aides. The advantage to enrolling in a program through a home health agency, is that they’re often no or little cost. However, they only offer to new training to new hires. 

The second option is to get trained through a local community college or vocational school. This Mississippi Department of Health has a list of approved training courses. You must write to obtain the list. Instructions for doing so are here.

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