Home Health Aide Training In Montana

Getting the proper home health aide training in Montana is simple. To know where to start, you first must understand the requirements both nationally and on a state level to becoming a home health aide.

First, there are both Federal and Montana specific laws for home health aides.

Federal laws pertain to home health agencies/facilities that accept Medicare. The Federal Government sets the minimum training requirements home health aides need to have in order to work at a Medicare approved facility.

It’s then up to each state to determine if they will require additional training.

Federal law says that home health aides must obtain 75 hours of total training, including 16 hours of clinical training. Plus, in order to be a certified home health aide you must pass a competency exam.

Some states have chosen to raise the minimum training requirements and Montana is one of those states that require additional training.

In order to become a home health aide in Montana, you must first become a Certified Nurse’s Aide. Once your certification is complete, you then must obtain another 16 hours of training to become a certified home health aide.

According to the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services:

The Certification Bureau at our Department of Public Health and Human Services approves the training programs for both CNAs/HHAs; CNA training is generally provided by community (or other) colleges and SNFs; certified HH agencies usually provide the extra 16 hours.

*SNFs stand for skilled nursing facilities.

If you add the hours to become a CNA, plus the hours to become a HHA, home health aides are required to get a total of 91 hours of training, with 25 hours of clinical training.

Where To Get HHA Training In Montana

There are two places two obtain the proper home health aide training in Montana.

First, you can attend a community college. The advantage here is that you can then pursue later certifications and already have some of the classes completed.

The other option is Skilled Nurse Facilities, otherwise known as NSFs. Many local NSFs will prove training at little or no cost to new hires.


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