Home Health Aide Training In Nebraska

Where can you find home health training in Nebraska? What are the requirements to become a home health aide?

This post at Health Aide Training Center will tell you all you need to know.

To start, there are both Federal and State of Nebraska regulations to becoming a home health aide.

Home health agencies are required to follow Federal law at Medicare/Medicaid approved facilities. Facilities which are not approved of for Medicare/Medicaid, follow the laws of the state.

Federal law says that home health aides working in a Medicare/Medicaid approved facility, also known as a CMS, have to have 75 hours of total training, including 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, all home health aides must pass a competency exam.

Home Health Aide Training Requirements In Nebraska

Some states, such as Illinois, require additional training and licensure of home health aides.

Nebraska has simply set in place the Federal minimum training requirements at all types of facilities, whether or not it accepts Medicare.

Therefore, to work as a home health aide in Nebraska you need to at least 75 hours of total training, with 16 hours of clinical. Plus, you must pass a competency exam.

This training is offered at many home health aide agencies throughout the State of Nebraska. The advantage here is that this training often comes free or at no cost to new hires of these agencies.

When applying for a program, first make sure you meet their minimum requirements. While Federally there are no educational requirements to become a home health aide, certain agencies may have policies such as a new hires must have a high school diploma and personal transportation.


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