Home Health Aide Training In New Hampshire

What’s unique about home health aide training in New Hampshire, is that there isn’t a straightforward way to become a home health aide.

The issue is that each state determines what the duties of a home health aide are. There isn’t  standard job description for home health aides nationwide.

Some states don’t license or certify home health aides. Only home health aides working at an agency that accepts Medicare/Medicaid must be certified.

Home health aides working for Medicare approved agencies, no matter the state, must complete at least 75 hours of training, which must include 16 hours of clinical training.

Requirements to be a Home Health Aide in New Hampshire

It’s then up to each state to determine if they will require additional training and licensure to work as a home health aide.

New Hampshire is one of the few states which require training over and above the federal minimum. In order to work as a home health aide in New Hampshire, one must first become a Licensed Nurse Assistant or LNA first.

There is no additional certification beyond becoming a LNA. Once you’ve completed an approved of LNA program, you can work as a home health aide in New Hampshire.

The minimum required training to become a home health aide is one must complete 100 training hours, with 60 hours in a clinical environment.

Where To Find HHA Training In New Hampshire

When searching for home health aide training in New Hampshire, look first to community colleges such as NHTI. Home health aide courses require a lot of on the job training. While many online colleges offer a home health aide course, many of those courses are not approved of in the State of New Hampshire.

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