Home Health Aide Training In New Jersey

When looking for home health aide training in New Jersey, there are certain things you must know.

New Jersey is one of the few states that certifies home health aides through a state Government organization. In New Jersey’s case, it’s the Board of Nursing that certifies home health aides.

The Board of Nursing requires you have 76 hours of total training, including 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, all certified home health aides in New Jersey must pass a competency exam.

Here’s what’s most important, the training program you complete must be approved by New Jersey’s Board of Nursing. There are many training programs that offer a certificate but unless it’s approved by the Board of Nursing that training does not count towards your training hours.

Where can you get training in New Jersey to become a home health aide?

Prospective home health aides have two primary options for training:

  1. Community Colleges and Vocational Schools
  2. Home Health Aide Agencies

Since the demand for home health aides is so high, many home health aide agencies provide the training at no cost to their future employees.

Keep in mind, home health aide agencies may have different hiring standards. While there are no formal education requirements to become a home health aide, such as a high school diploma, a home health aide agency may require one for employment.

In addition, since you’ll be likely entering client’s home, you will have to pass a background check. 

The last step to becoming a home health aide in New Jersey is to apply for a license on the New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs website.

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