Home Health Aide Training In New Mexico

Home health aide training in New Mexico is very easy to obtain. To understand your best options though, it’s first best to understand how home health aides are trained both in New Mexico and nationwide.

First, there are a different set of training requirements for Medicaid/Medicare approved facilities of CMSs, compared to non approved facilities.

In order to work as a home health aide in a CMS, you must get at least 75 hours of total training, which must include 16 hours of on the job training. In addition, you must then pass a competency exam to work at a CMS.

Federal law is only in force at CMSs. For agencies and facilities that don’t accept Medicare/Medicaid, it’s up to the state as far as how they want to license home health aides.

Home Health Aide Training Requirements In New Mexico

The state of New Mexico only provides licenses to home health agencies. They then set in place standards for how each home health agency trains their employees. There is no individual license or certification to work as a home health aide.

To work as a home health aide, you must get at least 75 hours of training, with at least 16 hours devoted to clinical training through a licensed agency. The training programs, according to the State of New Mexico will include:


  • The individual being trained must complete at least sixteen (16) hours o classroom training before beginning the supervised practical training;
  • communications skills;
  • observation, reporting and documentation of patient status and the care or service furnished;
  • reading and recording of vital signs;
  • basic infection control procedures;
  • basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function that must be reported to an aide’s supervisor;
  • maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment;
  • recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures (including CPR and first aid);
  • the physical, emotional and developmental needs of and ways to work with the populations served by the home health agency, including the need for respect for the patient, his or her privacy and his or her property;
  • appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene and grooming that include, but are not limited to, bathing, shampooing, nail and skin care, oral hygiene and toileting;
  • safe transfer techniques and ambulation;
  • normal range of motion and positioning;
  • nutrition and hydration;
  • patient/client rights, including respect for cultural diversity;
  • any other task that the home health agency may choose to have the home health aide perform.

Where To Find HHA Training In New Mexico

In New Mexico, the majority of home health aide training is done through agencies not in a formal educational setting such as a community college. In order to find HHA training just look locally to licensed agencies. They will have a program to get you trained as a home health aide. 

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