Home Health Aide Training In North Dakota

Home health aide training in North Dakota is easy to obtain.

To know the option which is best for you, it’s important to know how home health aides are registered both on a national level and state level.

On a national level, in order to become a home health aide you must get at least 75 hours of training, which must include 16 hours of on the job training. However, these rules and regulations are only in force at facilities that accept Medicare/Medicaid.

Federal law allows each state to determine how they want to regulate agencies that don’t accept Medicare/Medicaid and the licensing of home health aides.

Home Health Aide Requirements In North Dakota

To work at either a Medicare/Medicaid approved agency or a non-approved agency in North Dakota, you must first apply to be listed on the nurse aide registry.

There’s no formal training program to be on the nurse aide registry.

Once you’re on the registry, you can then obtain the necessary training to become a home health aide. In North Dakota, the same training requirements listed Federally, are in place at all home health agencies throughout the state (75 hours/16 hours)

The majority of training of home health aides in North Dakota is performed by the agencies themselves. Most home health agencies have approved of programs that will allow you to work as a home health aide in North Dakota.

The state has provided a very helpful flowchart of how home health aides are trained, which can be viewed here.

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