Home Health Aide Training In Ohio

Looking for home health aide training in Ohio?

The rules and regulations to become a home health aide can get confusing. Here’s what you need to know.

First, home health aides are regulated both on a federal and state specific basis.

Why are there both federal and local laws?

Due to Medicare payments being involved with care, there are minimum standards Medicare approved facilities must meet in order to receive payments from Medicare.

So, when it comes to home health care providers, there are two types. There are home health care providers who accept medicare and those who don’t.

In the State of Ohio, providers who are not Medicare approved, by law do not require their home health aides to carry a federally approved home health aide certificate. Although, they may have different hiring standards such as minimum education and experience.

Technically, if you want to work as a home health aide in Ohio, you can get hired today by one of these agencies.

The Federal Training Requirements To Become A Home Health Aide

To become a certified home health aide in Ohio, one needs 75 hours of training, which including 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, certified home health aides need to pass a competency exam.

The training program must be approved by the Ohio Department of Aging in order to count.

Where Can You Get HHA Training In Ohio?

The majority of HHA Training takes place on the job. Many home health aide agencies have a training program set up that’s approved by the Ohio Department of Aging. Often, these programs are free to future employees.

You can also find approved HHA Training at many local community colleges or vocational schools. Although, if you do choose this route, make sure it’s an approved training program by the Ohio Department of Aging and it will count towards your 75 hours of training to meet the national standards.


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