Home Health Aide Training In Oklahoma

Home health aide training in Oklahoma can get a bit confusing.


Oklahoma doesn’t specifically license or certify home health aides. Instead, Oklahoma considers the duties of a home health, under an umbrella of the duties a Certified Nurse Aide performs.

Therefore, to become a home health aide in Oklahoma, you must become a CNA. This will allow you to work as a home health aide.

Where To Find Home Health Aide Training In Oklahoma?

There are two options when it comes to getting trained to work as a home health aide. The important thing to look for is a program that is certified by the Oklahoma Department of Health.

First, many colleges and community colleges offer CNA training programs. Programs differ in requirements such as age and education, and vary drastically in cost.

Your other option is look for a program offered by a home health aide agency. Many agencies offer training to new hires, for little or no cost. Some agencies may even reimburse you for your education expenses at a community college.

Once you pass an approved of course for a CNA, you can then register on the Nurse Aide Registry, which will allow you to work as a home health aide.


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