Home Health Aide Training In Oregon

To know the best place to find home health aide training in Oregon, one must first understand both the local and national laws pertaining to becoming a home health aide.

HHA Certification can get complex because every state has different rules and regulations regarding home health aide training. Some states see home health aides as a higher level health position, requiring training of up to 180 hours.

However, the State of Oregon views home health aides as more of an entry level position in the health field. There isn’t an Oregon specific certification. Instead, home health aide agencies are licensed by the State or Oregon, in which they required to follow certain training protocols.

Next, there are then two types of home health care agencies/facilities. If an agency is Medicare/Medicaid approved its home health aides are required to have at least 75 hours of training, 16 of which must be clinical.

If a home health aide isn’t Medicare/Medicaid approve, they’re required to following the training ordinances of the state.

According to the Oregon Secretary of State, home health agencies have the following training requirements:

Home Health Aide Orientation: The agency shall complete orientation of the home health aide to the agency’s program and document the completion within two weeks of employment. This orientation must include information about:


  • Policies and objectives of the agency;
  • The duties of a home health aide;
  • The functions of other agency personnel and how they relate to each other in caring for the patient;
  • Other community agencies; and
  • Ethics and confidentiality.
  • Training on the Job: In addition to orientation, an agency shall provide the home health aide patient-specific, on-the-job instruction for carrying out procedures that are not transferable to another patient. Such training shall be in accordance with OAR chapter 851, division 061, and shall be documented in the patient’s clinical record.
  • Inservice Training: The agency shall arrange for and document at least 12 hours of inservice training annually. These training sessions shall pertain to the role and responsibilities of the home health aide.
  • Home Health Aide Assignment: The agency shall provide teaching and supervision of the home health aide in accordance with OAR chapter 851, division 061. All assignments for patient care shall be written, prepared by a registered nurse, and updated on a monthly basis, or more often if the patient’s condition requires. Special tasks of nursing care may be delegated by a registered nurse to a home health aide according to the provisions of OAR chapter 851, division 047.

Where To Find Home Health Aide Training In Oregon

The good news is as far as getting started as a home health aide, no experience is required. If you meet a home health agencies qualification, you can enroll in their training program and get trained on the job. It’s also beneficial that the barrier to entry in the field does not require expensive courses at a community college or vocational school.

The downside is it’s very hard to move up in the field without additional formal training. Therefore, if you plan to obtain higher certification such as the CNA, you can may want to look towards community colleges or vocational schools for training which offer home health aide training.

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