Home Health Aide Training In Rhode Island

Home health aide training in Rhode Island is regulated both by the state and on a Federal level.

Federal law requires home health agencies that accept Medicare/Medicaid to provide a minimum of 75 hours of training to their employees, 16 of which must be clinical. Plus, home health aides working at a Medicare/Medicaid approved facility must pass a competency exam.

It’s then left up to each state to determine if additional training is required to work as a home health aide.

The state of Rhode Island is one of the states that have added additional training requirements for their home health aides.

HHA Training Requirements In Rhode Island

To work as a home health aide, you must first become a Certified Nursing Assistant, also known as a CNA.

CNA training in Rhode Island includes a minimum of 100 hours of total training, with 20 of those hours being clinical. Once you have completed an approved  CNA program you can then sit for the exam.

The good news is that since home health aides get more training, they’re paid more. In a recent Bureau Of Labor study, Rhode Island came in 5th among the highest paying states for home health care.

Where To Find HHA Training In Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Training and Labor provides a complete list of approved Certified Nursing Assistant programs. Keep in mind each program will have a different set of requirements (education, background, experience) and can vary drastically in cost. 


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