Home Health Aide Training In South Carolina

Home health aide training in South Carolina can get complex.


There are both Federal laws pertaining to the training of home health aides. In addition, home health aides must understand the state laws, which can be different.

First things first, there are Federal laws in place at all Medicare Approved home health agencies. Any agency that accepts Medicare, must use certified home health aides.

Home health aides must obtain 75 hours of total training, including 16 hours of on the job training. Plus, any home health aide working for a Medicare Approved agency must pass a competency exam.

This training is typically done on the job through home health agencies. Therefore, no experience may be necessary to be hired and put through a home health agencies training program.

For home health care facilities that are not approved to accept Medicare, it’s up to the state. Some states require additional training to work as a home health aide, no matter the Medicare status of the agency.

Home Health Aide Training In South Carolina

South Carolina doesn’t offer a certification or have additional training requirements to work as a home health aide in non-medicare settings.

However, many home health aides not working for a Medicare approved agency will have their Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA designation. This designation allows you to register with the state as a nursing assistant, which means you will have completed the requirements of the training and background check.

Becoming a CNA will also help you find a job much easier or if you work independently it allows potential clients to see you have formal training.

CNA programs are available at most local community colleges or vocational schools in the state of South Carolina. Keep in mind, the requirements for different programs, such as education and experience, will vary drastically. So, if you plan on getting your CNA, check in with many programs to determine the cost, requirements, and experience needed.

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