Home Health Aide Training In South Dakota

While getting the proper training can be long and expensive in some states, home health aide training in South Dakota is fairly simple.

As a home health aide, it’s important to understand that there are two different types of agencies that employ home health aides; agencies which accept Medicare also known as CMSs and agencies which are not approved to take Medicare.

Home health agencies which accept Medicare must employ home health aides who have completed 75 hours of total training, with at least 16 hours of clinical training. This is a Federal law, applicable across the U.S.

Next, there is the local or state laws.

Home Health Aide Requirements South Dakota

Some states have chosen to require additional training and licensure for home health aides. The state of South Dakota has essentially maintained the same Federal laws for all their home health aides, no matter the type of facility.

Every home health aide in South Dakota must have at least 75 hours of training, including 16 hours of clinical. In addition, home health aides in South Dakota must pass a competency exam, which is the Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA exam.

Once your training and testing is complete, you can then apply to be licensed on the South Dakota Board of Nursing. In order to be approved, you must pass a background and TB test.

Where To Get HHA Training In South Dakota

Most home health aides are trained on the job in South Dakota.

Many home health agencies offer a state approved training program to any new hires. The advantage of getting trained through your employer is that it’s often free or at little cost.

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