Home Health Aide Training In Tennessee

Where can you find home health aide training in Tennessee?

Before enrolling in a school or accepting a job, it’s important to understand how the certification of home health aides work both on a state and a national level

First, there is a national law that says all certified home health aides must complete 75 hours of training, which must include 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, a certified home health aide will have to have passed a competency exam.

So, do all home health aides have to become certified?

Not necessarily.

Federal law requires only home health aides who work at a certified Medicare facility to be certified. It’s up to each state to determine how they want they want to certify home health aides.

Requirements To Be A Home Health Aide In Tennessee

In Tennessee, you don’t have to be registered or licensed to work as a home health aide.

While it can be very beneficial to your career, getting certification isn’t required to work as a home health aide. It’s only required if you choose to work at a Medicare approved facility.

If you’re working at a Medicare approved facility, you will then have to fulfill the Federal training required listed above (75 hours of training, 16 hours of clinical training, and successful completion of an exam).

In addition, home health aides must then pass a background check and take a test for tuberculosis.

The best place to get certification is through your future employer. All Medicare approved facilities or agencies will have a training program for new hires to get certified.

If you don’t plan on working at a medicare certified facility, again your employer will provide you the training. Although, it may differ from the Federal requirements.

What Prior Experience Do You Need?

There are no formal educational requirements on a national level one must obtain to become a home health aide. Specifically, no high school diploma or its equal is needed.

However, many home health aide agencies may possess different hiring standards. It’s therefore important to check with your employer what requirements they have for hiring home health aides.


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