Home Health Aide Training In Vermont

When it comes to home health aide training in Vermont, it’s not as straight forward as other states. That’s because in Vermont, to work as a home health aide you first be a Licensed Nursing Assistant or LNA.

Once you complete a LNA training program and get your certification, you can work in the State of Vermont as a home health aide. Therefore, there isn’t a specific training program to become a home health aide. Instead, you first become a LNA then can work as a home health aide.

The LNA training program will include 80 hours of total training, with 30 hours of clinical. Then, all LNAs must pass a state exam and register with the state.

Job Duties Of Home Health Aides in Vermont

Since each state has different requirements to work as a HHA, the job duties of home health aides can vary. In Vermont, the job description of a LNA is:

Provides basic patient care under direction of licensed nurses. Performs duties such as feed, bathe, dress, groom, move patients, change linens, provide skin care, take temperature, observe and report changes in patient’s’ condition.

Where To Find HHA Training In Vermont

Many local community colleges and vocational schools offer a LNA training program. In addition, many home health agencies themselves offer state approved home health aide/LNA training programs.

The advantage to getting trained in a school is that there are then higher certifications, you may have fulfilled the prerequisites for. This is a plus, if you’re looking to move up in the health services field.

The advantage to getting trained by a home health agency is that the agency offers these programs at little or no cost to new hires. So, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s a great way to get started.


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