Home Health Aide Training In Virginia

When it comes to home health aide training in Virginia, there are two types of certifications.

Option # 1 is for home health aides who plan to work for a certified medicare/medicaid facility.

Option # 2 is for home health aides who either plan to work on their own or for a non-certified agency or facility.

Why the two options?

Because if you want to work for a certified agency or facility you must meet the national requirements to become a certified home health aide. If you wish to work for a non-certified facility, you only need to meet the requirements laid out by the State of Virginia.

What Are The Federal Training Requirements?

If you plan to work for a certified medicare facility, you must obtain 75 hours of total training, which must include 16 hours of clinical training. In addition, to meet the minimum training requirements you must then pass an exam.

Virginia Specific Training Requirements

Not all home health aides will work for a certified facility. In that case, in the state of Virginia, a home health aide is required to complete one of the following:

  1. Completed a general nursing education program.
  2. Completed an approved nurse aide education program.
  3. Be a certified nurse aide in the state of Virginia.
  4. Be currently enrolled in a nursing education program preparing for registered nurse or practical nurse licensure, and already completed a clinical training course.
  5. Passed a competency evaluation program
  6. Completed training using the “Personal Care Aide Training Curriculum

Where To Get HHA Training In Virginia?

When it comes to where to get home health in training in Virginia, you then have two options.

You can work directly with the home health aide agencies, which many offer approved training programs. Both for medicare certified and non-certified individuals.

Or, you can choose to go to a local community college or vocational school, who offer approved programs.

Since training programs with the agencies are typically free, most home health aides choose to get certified through them.


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