Home Health Aide Training In West Virginia

Home health aide training in West Virginia can get a bit confusing. The primary reason is because the state of West Virginia doesn’t necessarily recognize home health aide as a professional designation.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no requirements to work as a home health aide in the state because there are both state and federal laws involved.

Across the U.S. any home health agency that accepts Medicare, also known as a CMS, must employ certified home health aides. Federal law states that home health aides working at a CMS, must have 75 hours of training, including 16 hours of on the job training.

This law is in force at all CMS, no matter the state law. A state can then choose if they want to license home health aides working in the state and if any additional training is needed.

Home Health Aide Training In West Virginia

The state of West Virginia has chosen not to license home health aides. In addition, for those working at a CMS, no additional training is required.

Technically, you can get hired as a home health aide today with no experience.  Keep in mind, it’s up the each agency to determine what requirements they look for in employees.

For example, some agencies may require a professional designation such as a CNA, while others will train you on the job.

Where To Find HHA Training In West Virginia

Since home health aides are not licensed, most of the home health aide training in West Virginia is performed by the home health agencies. This is true for both CMS and non medicare approved agencies.

The advantage to this is often the training is free or at little cost to new hires.

The downside is that it can be difficult to move up in the field with additional certification. Therefore, if you plan on being in the field for a while, it may make sense to pursue a health services certification like the Certified Nurse’s Aide or CNA certification.

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