Home Health Aide Training In Wisconsin

When it comes to home health aide training in Wisconsin, the first thing one must understand is the definition of a home health aide.

To many’s surprise, the definition and duties of a home health aide vary by state. Some states don’t license home health aides at all, while others like Wisconsin require a license and completion of a training program to work as a home health aide.

In Wisconsin, a home health aide is a Certified Nursing Aide that works under the supervision of a RN. Therefore, to work as a home health aide, you must first complete an approved CNA program. (Here’s a list of approved programs in Wisconsin.

Once you complete the program, you must then pass a competency exam given by the state.

Finally, once you complete the CNA training and the exam, you can then work as a home health aide after a completed background check.

So, there is no formal home health aide training program. Instead, there’s a CNA program, which allows you to work as a home health aide in Wisconsin.

The training hours required to be a CNA in Wisconsin are a minimum 120 total hours, including 32 clinical hours.

Wisconsin Home Health Aide Training Program

Home health aide agencies in Wisconsin are regulated by the state. The State of Wisconsin has mandated all home health agencies to then provide basic training to all new hires. The training program must include:

  1. The role of the home health aide as a member of the health services team;
  2. Instruction and supervised practice in in-home personal care of the sick, including personal hygiene and activities of daily living;
  3. Principles of good nutrition and nutritional problems of the sick and elderly;
  4. Preparation of meals, including special diets;
  5. The needs and characteristics of the populations served, including the aged and disabled;
  6. The emotional problems accompanying illness;
  7. Principles and practices of maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe environment;
  8. What, when and how to report to the supervisor; and
  9. Record-keeping.

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