Where To Find Certified Home Health Classes

When searching for certified home health aide classes, one must first understand how exactly the certification process works.

The purpose of this blog post here at Health Aide Training Center is to develop a next step guide for home health aides looking to start their career. So you can find the best class for your specific situation.

Step # 1 – Know If Certification Is Necessary For Your Goals

Will certification actually advance your career goals? It really depends.

Some states such as Arizona, certification isn’t necessary to become a home health aide.

One can become a home health aide, without any formal training. However, if they want to work at a certified medicare facility, they must obtain certification. In most cases, the certification program is done through your employer.

Other states such as Washington have a very strict certification process. In order to become a home health aide, be it at a certified or non-certified facility, one must complete training over and above the federal minimum.

So, the first step is knowing what type of certification you need. We have a complete list of states and the requirements they must meet to become a home health aide.

Step # 2 – Know Who Handles The Certification Process In Your State

If you do need to become certified in order to work in your state, then the next step is figuring out who handles the certification. Some states, such as Illinois, certify home health aides inside of a state department.

Other states such as Massachusetts require home health aides to be certified through a national program that is NAHC approved.

Step # 3 – Your Two Options

The next step is knowing where to look.

The majority of home health aide certification takes place through actual employers, as in on the job.

The demand for certified home health aides is at an all time high. Thus, employers are actively looking for quality workers and will provide the training for free.

The advantage to on the job training is  that it’s typically at no cost. Plus, you can get a sample of what it’s like working at as a home health aide during the training.

The other option is to pursue a certification program through a state or national approved program at a community college or vocational school.

Since all certified home health aides must have 16 hours of clinical training, there are very few online only schools that offer this type of curriculum. Therefore, your best chance of finding a good college program is to search locally.

The most important factor is knowing whether or not the program is approved. Or, if your state doesn’t approve HHA programs, it must be approved by the NAHC.

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